Brew List

- Smokey Jalapeno Ale -
Hint of Spicy Smokiness that builds as you sip
6% abv

- Caramel Coconut Cream Ale -
Heavy Coconut Nose, Sweet Crisp Tropical Taste
6% abv

- Arrowhead Ale -
A Blonde Ale that is light golden pale in color with mild malt flavor and hops. A crisp, refreshing ale.
5% abv

- Buffalohead IPA -
A medium bodied golden ale balanced with a slight citrus sweetness and big hop flavor and aroma.
6% abv

- Cayenne Imperial Stout -
A high gravity stout with rich chocolate and roasted notes.  A nice full bodied ale with a good balance of malts, hops and an unexpected kick from the Cayenne Pepper!!  8% abv

- Creek Bottom Brown -
A medium bodied brown ale with a well rounded maltiness.  Nice caramel and roasted notes that balance well with the hops.
5.5% abv

- Flat Creek Swamp Water -  (Also available in Nitro with a smoother creamy mouth feel)
A Stout that is full bodied and full of flavor. Nice rich chocolate and roasted notes with a hint of sweetness.
5.5% abv

- Panther Point Pale- 
Light golden pale in color with just the right amount of hop nose and flavor to compliment the light malty notes.
5% abv

- Raisin' Ale -
Medium bodied mild ale. Light brown and caramel in color. It has a hint of roasted, nutty and caramel flavors from the malt and Raisins added. 6% abv

- Riverdance Red -
Medium bodied ale Amber in color.  It has nice toasted, caramel sweetness with just a touch of hop bitterness that balances out just right. 6% abv

- Weekend Wit -
Belgian Style unfiltered Wheat that is pale gold in color. Nice balance of hops and spices.  Corriander and Orange peel are added for the slight fruity sweetness. 5.5% abv

- What the Ale - 
Medium bodied ale Caramel in color that has a touch of malty sweetness and roasted notes with this Peach enhanced ale.
6% abv

- Belgian Dubbel -
A rich malty high gravity Belgium Dubbel, deep golden in color. Very mild hop and fruit notes with a hint of caramel.
9% abv

- Belgian Strong Pale -
A very complex and powerful ale that is deep golden in color. Has rich malty notes that compliment the hop flavor and aroma.
9% abv

- Gravity Hill IPA - (Also available in Nitro!)
A high gravity IPA full of flavor. Nice hop flavor and aroma with a well rounded balance of the malty sweetness and citrus notes.
8% abv

 -Pumpkin Please Ale-
Medium Body, Amber color, liquid pumpkin pie
6.0% ABV 

-Midnight Express-
Light bodied IPA, heavy roasted flavor high hop profile 

6.0% ABV

All beer styles can be sampled on premise. Share with your friends by taking home a 64oz Growler that can be brought back and refilled at your next visit to Morgan Ridge Railwalk.