Pint $5.00   ½ Pint $3.00   Growler $20.00       Refill Growler $15.00

   -Arrowhead Ale-
Blond Ale, Light in Color and Malt ABV 5.0%

-Creek Bottom Brown-

Medium Brown Ale, Full Maltiness & Caramel Notes ABV 5.5%

-Buffalohead IPA-
Medium Body, Citrus IPA with Bold Hop Flavor ABV 6.0%

-The Vaca IPA-
Tropical IPA made with Pineapple, Peach, Mango, Coconut and Blood Orange ABV 5.2%

-Flat Creek Swamp Water-
Stout, Full Body, Chocolate Roasted Notes ABV 5.5%

-Ridge Red-
Medium Body, Amber, Caramel Sweetness ABV 6.0%

-Lee St. Wheat-
Belgian Style Wheat, Coriander & Orange ABV 5.5%

-Midnight Express-
Full Bodied IPA, Roasted Flavor High Hop Profile ABV 6.0%

-Caramel Coconut Cream Ale - 
Light Body, Heavy Coconut Nose, Tropical Taste  ABV 6.0%

-Pumpkin Please -

Smooth Malty Sweetness with hints of cinnamon - Pumpkin Pie in a Glass ABV 5.5%


Tulip Glass $6.00          Growler $ 30.00            Refill Growler $25.00

-Cayenne Imperial Stout-
Rich Chocolate Roasted Notes, Full Body ABV 8.0%
Beware the Cayenne Kick!

-Gravity Hill IPA-
High Gravity IPA, Well Rounded Hops ABV 8.0%
Malt & Sweetness from Citrus Addition

-Belgian Dubbel-
Rich malt, deep gold color, mild hops and fruit ABV 9.0%

-Vanilla Kolsch-
Light Kolsch brewed with  vanilla ABV 4.0%

All beer styles can be sampled on premise. Share with your friends by taking home a 64oz Growler that can be brought back and refilled at your next visit to Morgan Ridge Railwalk.